From main dishes to irresistible desserts, we invite you to explore and discover new delights for your meals.

Pollo con soja y jengibre

Chicken with soy and ginger

I like to use all the utensils I have in the kitchen without pigeonholing myself. Yeah You have our Twin Magma double frying pan, get cooking. Use as a frying pan double or as a pot with lid o...

Coliflor en salsa picante

Cauliflower in spicy sauce

A delicious way to eat cauliflower, with a spicy and different touch to enjoy a delicious and comforting dish. Are you up for cauliflower?

Hummus de Remolacha

Beetroot hummus

If you are already familiar with classic hummus, you have to start cooking this beet hummus, exquisite, easy and a success everywhere. 😍

Espagueti carbonara di mare

Spaghetti carbonara di mare

The simplest recipes can be the most delicious and today I have an example for you. We are going to cook some prawns and prawns that we will add to a carbonara pasta. It is exquisite and you will b...

Flan de natillas

custard flan

On these festive days of celebration, what better than a good dessert for your guests... you will succeed!

Velouté de Castañas

Chestnut Velouté

Discover the exquisite softness of Chestnut Velouté in this unique recipe that combines tradition and elegance. A perfect culinary experience for fall. To enjoy!

MONIX Redondo de ternera web

Veal round in a quick cooker

How many times have we eaten this dish in days of being with family. And the beef round is not only easy to cook but also yields a lot and if you have leftovers it can be used very well, even to m...

Miniaturas Monix Nov 2023 (4 de 7)

cauliflower soup

A creamy, light and comforting soup for the cold days ahead. An ideal first course for everyday lunches and dinners or with a special touch.

Miniaturas Monix Nov 2023 (5 de 7)

Pumpkin quiche

Do you need a snack idea for hangouts with family or friends? With this pumpkin quiche you are sure to get it right, with seasonal ingredients and very easy to cook. Ideal for people allergic to eg...