Twin Solid + Double Frying Pan

The easiest way to turn the tables

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What less than Monix!

Monix, as a company committed to sustainability, has implemented a series of significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact, especially with regard to the use of raw materials and transportation. These initiatives reflect the company's strong commitment to responsible business practices and environmental preservation.

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Amazon Collection

The Amazonia kitchenware collection offers a different and original product capable of transmitting a message of ecology, nature and sustainability. The use of high-quality materials results in functional and high-performance kitchenware products.

In&Out Collection

The In&Out collection is highly resistant thanks to the non-deformable cast aluminum, great non-stickness and energy saving system. It is characterized by an ergonomic handle for a perfect grip and is removable which ensures storage in less space.

Diamond Collection

The Diamond collection has been designed based on the highest quality standards in order to combine innovation, elegance and performance for intensive cooking. Diamond also incorporates a PFOA-free PPG QuanTanium® nonstick with Titanium and Diamond reinforcement for unbeatable results in the kitchen.

More than 60 years

in our homes

Monix has been in our homes for more than 60 years, being a leader in the manufacture and sale of products for the kitchen and table. We offer innovative designs and exceptional quality, exceeding our customers' expectations.


From main dishes to irresistible desserts, we invite you to explore and discover our delicious recipes.

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Sopa de cebolla y ajo

Sopa de cebolla y ajo

Una sopa tradicional que quita todas las penas, y que sienta fenomenal para los fríos de invierno. Es perfecta para cenar o para comer, además mientras la cocinas la casa se inunda de ese olor que ...

Curry rápido de garbanzos

Curry rápido de garbanzos

Una forma de incorporar nuevos sabores y comer legumbres de forma muy rica, añadiendo curry a tus platos. Un rico plato lleno de muchas propiedades, beneficios y energía para nutrir tu día. Ingred...

Pollo con soja y jengibre

Chicken with soy and ginger

I like to use all the utensils I have in the kitchen without pigeonholing myself. Yeah You have our Twin Magma double frying pan, get cooking. Use as a frying pan double or as a pot with lid o...