Duck magret wellington

Wellington de magret de pato

Although the original recipe is with sirloin or beef, Wellington is a way to prepare
some types of meat or fish wrapped in slices of ham, pâté or spinach and puff pastry

A very festive and original proposal is with duck magret, wrapped with a cream of
spinach and cranberries and topped with a crispy puff pastry.

For 4 people
Time: 30 minutes

2 duck magrets
250 g baby spinach
A handful of dried cranberries
150 gr of white cheese to spread
2 square puff pastry sheets
1 egg

Lighten the fat layer of the magrets by removing half the thickness with a knife.
Cut in half lengthwise, season with salt and pepper and set aside.
Sauté the spinach with oil, when it is tender add the dried cranberries, season with salt and pepper.
and book.
Beat the white cheese with a fork and mix well with the rosemary and thyme. Check and
adjust salt and pepper
Add the white cheese with the aromatics to the spinach and mix well.
Stretch and divide the puff pastry sheets in two. Place the four halves of the magrets on
each of the puff pastry sheets with the fat side down.
Spread the creamed spinach over the duck. Wrap the puff pastry tightly.
Seal well including the ends and paint with beaten egg.
Place the magrets on the Solid+ griddle and bake at 180ºC until the puff pastry puffs up and
be golden
Let cool, cut into slices and serve with blueberry jam.

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