Beetroot hummus

Hummus de Remolacha
If you are already familiar with classic hummus, you have to start cooking this beet hummus, exquisite, easy and a success everywhere. 😍

· 1 beet.
· 400 g of chickpeas.
· 1 clove garlic.
· 1 tbsp tahini.
· Juice of half a lemon.
· Cumin.
· Salt.
· Olive oil.

1. We soak the chickpeas the night before.
2. We wash the chickpeas and add them to the pressure cooker, peel the beet and add it.
We cover with water and program.
3. We remove the chickpeas, weigh 400 g of these and grind them together with the beetroot, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, salt and oil.
4. Once we obtain the desired texture, we cool it in the refrigerator and that's it!

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