Rabbit stew with onions

Guiso de conejo encebollado

Once again we get into the stove to cook a dish from our mothers, rabbit with onions. Rabbit meat is a white meat that is highly recommended for its low fat content and, if you know how to cook, it makes some truly delicious dishes.

We love these recipes, that smell they give off takes us back to our childhood.


  • 1 field rabbit, chopped
  • 4 onions
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • 250ml. dry white wine
  • 250ml. of water


  1. We put our Xtrem 28cm frying pan . On the heat, we cover the bottom with oil and once hot we add the chopped garlic and brown it.
  2. Once browned, being careful not to burn them, add the rabbit and fry until golden brown.
  3. Next we add the julienned onions and sauté until they are completely soft.
  4. Pour the water, wine, bay leaf and salt into the pan and leave it on medium-low heat for about 40-45 minutes.
  5. After this time the sauce will have reduced, we taste, check the salt and rectify if necessary.
  6. We serve and accompany with a good bread to dip in that delicious sauce.
rabbitonion9999_12web Photographs and recipe by Raquel .

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