How to make coffee with an authentic Italian coffee maker

Cómo hacer café con una auténtica cafetera italiana

Lovers of good coffee know that not everything goes when it comes to distilling this ground seed. There are many who have given up on modern coffee makers, although there are still faithful followers of the authentic coffee maker. That's why at Monix we don't want to lose the art of good coffee made with the classic Italian aluminum coffee maker .

Coffee, water and the coffee maker, raw materials

The raw material is fundamental and the most important element. Both coffee and water must be taken into account. It is important that the water does not contain too much chlorine or lime as these will affect the final flavor of the coffee, which is why we recommend that you use mineral water or filtered water.

Amount of water to pour into the coffee maker

Another discussion among coffee growers is the amount of water to add . It is essential to get the right point. Neither go overboard nor fall short. Monix coffee makers have a circular valve through which the coffee maker lets steam escape. The Italian trick is to pour the water until it reaches the center of it. This way, each cup will have the right proportion of water and coffee.

How much coffee should you put in the Italian coffee maker?

The amount of coffee and its placement in the filter is very important. Coffee growers recommend using the appropriate proportion by placing the ground beans gently, with small strokes and never pressing so that more quantity fits in the filter. Once you have the appropriate coffee and water, it is time to put the coffee maker on the heat. The heat must be constant to get all the flavor out and it should not be removed from the heat until the tank is completely filled.

It is important to stir the coffee in the same pot before serving. This way the concentration of coffee will be the same in all cups.

Intense coffee

We will make the coffee over low heat to delay the passage of steam through the coffee

Soft coffee

We will make the coffee over high heat


Preparation of coffee in a coffee maker step by step

  1. We unscrew the top part of the coffee maker and remove the filter.
  2. We add bottled or filtered water up to half of the valve
  3. We place the filter (it is important that the water does not pass through the filter nor does it remain floating, if so, we empty it a little).
  4. We pour 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup. It is VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO PRESS THE COFFEE , we must level it so that the steam does not escape from the sides, but to do so we will give the filter a few blows from the side with a spoon so that it levels out without crushing it.
  5. We screw on the upper body of the coffee maker and put it on high heat with the lid open.
  6. As soon as the coffee starts to come out, we lower the heat and close the lid.
  7. If we want intense coffee we leave the heat on low, if we want it soft we will do it on high heat.
  8. When the coffee maker starts to ring, without letting it boil, we will turn off the heat.
  9. We stir the coffee inside the coffee maker and serve.
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