Risotto with confit cod, Yerbabuena recipe in the Kitchen

receta de Yerbabuena en la Cocina

This week we bring you a recipe from the Yerbabuena blog in the Fantastic Kitchen: risotto with confit cod, cooked in the Monix Solid+ low saucepan. The images speak for themselves and invite us to prepare this dish no matter what. Here we leave you with a small fragment of Carmen's post, to see the full recipe visit her blog here .

"After the binges and excesses of these weeks, I wanted to return to the routine, to simple and delicious dishes free of complications but full of flavor, so for my return I have opted for rice, specifically a risotto that I have accompanied this wonderful and recommended Katailo cod .

Why this and not another cod? In terms of quality and price, the Katailo cod is unbeatable, it is a Gadus Morua cod, no haddock or similar. It is caught on a hook piece by piece, and the only additive used to preserve it is common salt, no chemicals, preservatives or flavor and color enhancers. It also comes without any bones or impurities and perfectly packaged in plastic containers. You can pay cash on delivery, without shipping costs and you can have it at your home from one day to the next.
Although for this recipe I have used these tacos for Pil pil , there are other equally valid and delicious options."

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