Solid+ Frying Pan

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With the SOLID+ range with Innovations® non-stick coating and Eco technology, we can give more importance to what we eat and how we eat it. Made of SOLID+ cast aluminum, you will achieve maximum profitability in your kitchen. Because it is...

  • Efficient: Consumes less energy, heats up faster and maintains heat for longer.
  • Versatile: Used for roasting, stewing, frying, boiling, baking.
  • Fast: Reaches the optimal cooking temperature sooner.
  • Durable: Being made in a single piece, there are no parts to replace.
  • Hygienic: No joints or joints where dirt can enter.
  • Practice: since it is the easiest and fastest to clean.
  • SOLID+: An experience in your kitchen and on your table.


  • Made of cast aluminum, the SOLID+ piece represents the future in the kitchen.
  • Designed to have maximum robustness and great resistance to deformation.
  • INNOVATIONS interior and exterior non-stick coating, PFOA free, 35 micron three-layer.
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Constructed in one piece and therefore completely suitable for the oven (without handles).
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning.
  • Body thickness: 5.3 mm.


External diameter
Induction diameter
18 cm
12 cm
20 cm
14 cm
22 cm
16 cm
24 cm
18 cm
26 cm
20 cm
28 cm
21 cm
20 cm
23 cm

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Satenes perfectas

Sarten muy ligero pero resistente

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