Profesional Frying Pan

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Size: 20 cm


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The Profesional models are tailor-made for professional chefs. The result of: the application of the newest technologies and the most innovative manufacturing processes, the MetalTech system that uses the impact technology of small steel balls to modify the surface and form an ultra-resistant finish and its reinforced three-layer non-stick coating. With Quantanium titanium from Whitford® they make it the best hospitality frying pan on the market prepared for all types of cookers, including induction.

In addition, its tubular handle design in 18/10 stainless steel joined by rivets for perfect fixation and prepared for use in industrial kitchens will also allow you to use it in the oven. Its satin aluminum exterior means it can be cleaned with normal professional kitchen systems, especially if gas is used.


  • Base material: stamped aluminum.
  • Base thickness: 4 mm.
  • Mechanically recessed diffuser bottom (with hole plate) made of AISI 430 stainless steel (ferritic), valid for all types of cookers, including INDUCTION.
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Ergonomic riveted 18/10 stainless steel handle. Supports up to 10 kg of weight.
  • WHITFORD® non-stick QUANTANIUM® type reinforced internally with a combination of TITANIUM particles mixed in the coating.


External diameter
Induction diameter
20 cm
11 cm
24 cm
16 cm
26 cm
18 cm
28 cm
19 cm
32 cm
22 cm
36 cm
24 cm

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