New Cream Full Induction Moka Pot

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Size: 6 cups


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Do you have an induction cooktop? It is no longer a problem thanks to Induction Cream, the aluminum coffee maker with a diffuser bottom adapted for all types of stoves and specially designed for induction cookers.

This coffee maker has the exclusive feature of the Full Induction system without holes that increases connectivity to all types of induction hobs, an ergonomic Bakelite handle with a colored insert and a polished interior without edges, making it as easy as possible to clean. Furthermore, with its classic and elegant brown design we will enjoy the most intense flavor of coffee, now in all types of kitchens, including induction ones.

Induction Cream, your usual Italian coffee maker with innovations that improve it and adapt it to everyday needs.


  • Made of Aluminum. Bakelite handle and knob with colored insert that gives it an elegant design.
  • 18% Cr. stainless steel diffuser bottom with Full Induction system without holes, which increases connectivity to all types of induction hobs.
  • Stainless steel disc applied at the same time of casting which gives total fixation and enormous rigidity to the bottom.
  • Being an aluminum coffee maker, and thanks to the conductivity of this material, it makes the coffee taste better than other coffee makers.
  • Coffee maker with hinged lid.
  • Coffee maker that is easy to clean at the bottom, as it has a completely cylindrical shape.
  • Built-in reducer.


Induction diameter
6 cups
9 cm
9 cups
10 cm
12 cups
12 cm

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