Fuego Frying Pan, 3-piece set

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Size: 18-22-26 cm


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The Fuego range It is ideal for those seeking an advantageous balance between price and performance. 3.5-3.8 mm forged aluminum with PFOA-free two-layer nonstick.


  • Base material: Forged aluminum.
  • Bottom with AISI 430 stainless steel disc mechanically recessed from 4 to 4.5 mm thick (depending on measurements) valid for all types of cookers including INDUCTION.
  • High-quality, PFOA-free, bi-layer Withford XYLAN® non-stick coating.
  • Exterior non-stick finish that ensures long durability and resistance, as well as easy cleaning.
  • Handle made of thermo-resistant Bakelite with ergonomic format and insert Orange.


Base length
Induction diameter
18 cm
14 cm
22 cm
18 cm
26 cm

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