Amazonia Low Casserole

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At MONIX we feel the responsibility to take care of the environment and sustainably safeguard our future. To this end, the Amazonia kitchenware collection is launched, seeking to create a different and original product capable of transmitting a message of ecology, nature and sustainability.

Amazonia's design is focused on providing solutions that make cooking easier and faster and, by saving resources, more sustainable. Its heat-insulating Bakelite handles and wood-effect softouch coating give Amazonia a design with natural, soft and contemporary nuances.

Together, we achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


  • The use of high-quality materials results in functional and high-performance kitchenware products.
  • Made of forged aluminum with a very thick bottom (4mm), it allows us to cook with less energy on the stove since residual heat is better used; These materials, at the end of their useful life, are fully recyclable.
  • In the manufacturing of its PFOA-FREE Quantanium three-layer non-stick from Whitford, no PFOA is used, thus being totally respectful of the environment; And, in addition to providing great non-stickness and allowing cooking without oil, it saves energy, water and detergents given the ease of cleaning and its full-induction bottom gives the product a super-efficient magnetic transmission surface in induction cookers.
  • Its heat-insulating Bakelite handles and softouch wood-effect coating give Amazonia a design with natural, soft and contemporary nuances.


External diameter
Induction diameter
24 cm
19 cm
2 L
28 cm
15 cm
3 L

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