Tomato puree or concentrated tomato sauce

Puré de tomate o salsa de tomate concentrada

This tomato puree or concentrated tomato sauce is a staple in Italian cuisine. Known as tomato passata, this ingredient is a basic ingredient for making pizza.

The secret of a good pizza not only lies in the dough, the ingredients that make it up must be the best for the result to be spectacular.

The tomato plays a basic role because if we use one that is too liquid our dough will be wet and we love that crunch when the bite hits.

This sauce will be an essential in your recipe book from now on.

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 3 hours


3kg of tomatoes


Dried oregano (optional)

Olive oil


  1. We wash the tomatoes and remove the stem.
  2. We cut the tomatoes into quarters and put them in our Solid+ saucepan, cover. We leave it on the heat for a few minutes, take it out and pass it through a sieve to remove skins and seeds.
  3. We put two tablespoons of olive oil in the saucepan, heat it and add the crushed tomato, salt and oregano.
  4. We let it cook over very low heat, it should not get too hot (if you use a vitro, do not exceed 2).
  5. We stir from time to time so that it does not stick and wait until it reduces.
  6. The result should be a concentrated tomato puree.
  7. We package and ready to use.
  8. The perfect tomato recipe for your pizzas, a true luxury.


If you want to avoid the first step, you can do it with canned crushed natural tomatoes.

Use ripe tomatoes, you can mix different varieties.

If you notice that the tomatoes are very acidic, add a little sugar to compensate for this acidity.

Photographs and recipe by Raquel .

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