Roman-style squid muffins


If we like something about summer it is tapas and fried foods. Today we are going to make some Roman-style squid sandwiches with a little mayonnaise or all i oli that will take off your hands. Alone with a touch of lemon they are delicious but I assure you that for a Friday or Saturday dinner a bite like this can be a delicacy.
Don't be too lazy to do them. They are easy and to avoid using a lot of oil, use a frying pan like mine, the 20 cm Amazonia by Monix®. It will be more than enough for
these 4 Roman-style squid muffins.

4 muffin-type breads
4 tablespoons mayonnaise or all i oli, to taste
500 g squid rings
150 ml sparkling water
120g flour
1 egg M
1/4 baking soda or yeast
Oil for frying
Absorbent paper to drain excess oil

Step by Step:

  1. Dry the squid rings with kitchen paper.
  2. Put the flour, soda water, egg and baking soda in a bowl and mix with a few whisks until everything is integrated and a semi-liquid dough is left. Insert your finger to test that it adheres and is not too loose. If so, add one more tablespoon of flour - with these measurements it is perfect.
  3. Put a frying pan with oil on the heat and when it is ready to fry, season the squid and dredge them first in flour and then in the dough we have prepared. Drain the excess, pour into the oil and fry in plenty of hot oil. Turn them over so they cook on both sides.
  4. Remove to a plate and place the squid on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.
  5. Open the muffins in half, spread the base with mayonnaise or all i oli and place the squid inside. They're going to take them out of your hands.

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