Homemade egg flan in a quick cooker

Flan de huevo casero en olla rápida

Homemade egg flan is one of the most classic and easiest desserts to make in the kitchen. You only need 3 basic ingredients and if you have a slow cooker you won't even need an oven to cook it. With the Presto pressure cooker you can save time and money. You just have to put a flan bowl with a lid inside your pot, close it, put it on the heat and let the heat raise the pressure.
Once your Presto pot begins to let out steam, you will only have to turn off the heat and let the pressure drop until you can open the lid.
In a few minutes the flan will be ready to rest in the refrigerator before serving. Serve with whipped cream and enjoy.

For the caramel:
150g sugar
50 ml of water
For the flan:
6 eggs or 380 g
120 g of sugar or sweetener to taste
750 ml whole milk
1-2 teaspoon liquid vanilla -optionalAlso:
1 flan bowl with lid

Step by Step:

  1. For the caramel: Put the sugar with the water in a saucepan and mix. Turn on the heat and let it caramelize little by little. Move the saucepan if necessary so that it cooks evenly. When the caramel is golden, carefully pour it into the flan pan.
  2. For the flan: Beat the eggs, add the sugar and milk and mix - if it has a lot of bubbles, you can strain it with the help of a strainer. Pour the caramel into the flan pan and place the lid on. Close the flan box.
  3. Place the covered flan pan inside the pressure cooker, add up to 2 fingers of water and close. Put the pot on high heat and when it starts to boil, the vacuum is created and steam starts to come out, turn off the heat. Let the flan cool in the pot. Store in the refrigerator overnight and flan is ready.

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