Flamenquines with piquillo peppers and cheese

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What is your favorite flamenquín and where have you eaten it?
Flamenquines are a very well-known dish that is attributed to the town of Andújar in Jaén that also has such delicious dishes as wild meats, pickled partridge, perrunas, porridge or aliñás olives and an exceptional oil...
These flamenquines have been spreading, becoming a staple of our culinary culture of which there are tons of versions. The original was made of serrano ham rolled with a strip of pork loin well coated in breadcrumbs.
This time we are going to cook them with a different filling, we dare to use some good piquillo peppers and cheese to make you lick your fingers and to make our own version.
Use other meats or make flamenquines with sliced ​​bread. To play!

Ingredients for 8 units:
8 thin pork loin fillets - if they are small, make them double to open the book 8-10 piquillo peppers
4 slices of gouda or enmental cheese -optionalOlive oil for frying
To coat:
Wheat flour
2 beaten eggs
Breadcrumbs or panko

Step by Step:

  1. Place the fillets between plastic wrap - to avoid splashing - and hit with a mallet. They will be thinner and softer. Do this with each tenderloin steak.
  2. Stuff each loin fillet with 1 whole piquillo pepper and a strip of cheese and roll them tightly, leaving them tight so they don't open.
  3. Prepare the batter: put the flour in one plate, in another beat the eggs and in the third add the breadcrumbs. Pass each flamenquín through flour, egg and breadcrumbs
    and reserve.
  4. Prepare a 16 cm diameter saucepan Amazonia de Monix and fill with olive oil. Heat until the oil is ready.
  5. Immerse the flamenquines in the hot oil over medium heat until they turn golden brown, remove the excess oil on a plate with kitchen paper and ready to eat.

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