Turkey stew with vegetables, recipe for 2 Tangerines in my Kitchen

receta de 2 Mandarinas en mi Cocina
"If you are one of those who like to eat healthy, you cannot pass up this recipe for turkey stew with vegetables. A recipe that arose from taking advantage of the vegetables that I had lying around in the refrigerator that has turned out to be a complete success.
Turkey meat is a rich source of protein and vitamins and is also quite healthy and low in fat. It is also a very rich and tasty meat.
The truth is that I don't eat a lot of turkey, I always tend more towards chicken but I think I'm going to start changing the trend.
The saucepan that I used is from the Monix brand from the cast aluminum collection, a saucepan that I have had for a few months now and that I use very often in my kitchen."

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