Apple and Tofu Salad with Goat Cottage Cheese Vinaigrette

Ensalada de manzanas y tofu con vinagreta de requesón de cabra


Finishing off the last moments of summer, today we are preparing an ultra-refreshing and delicious salad. In addition, we have prepared it in a version for one person, because we know that many of you live alone and cook only for yourselves, at Monix we have the perfect frying pan: this individual frying pan with a diameter of 14 cm.

We have prepared the salad in a vegetarian version, using tofo as a protein ingredient, although you can replace it with grilled chicken or turkey breasts, cut into cubes.

The goat's curd vinaigrette is very simple to prepare and is perfect for any salad you make, although the combination of it with the apple and walnuts will make you enjoy this salad as if it were a true delicacy.

Apple and Tofu Salad Recipe with Goat Cottage Cheese Vinaigrette

Ingredients for one person

  • 50 g goat cottage cheese
  • 25 g sour cream (crème fraîche)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon of water
  • freshly ground salt and pepper
  • 50g tofu
  • 1/2 sliced ​​pink lady apple
  • 1/2 granny smith apple sliced
  • A handful of chopped walnuts
  • Watercress and/or fresh spinach


  1. We put the cottage cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, water, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix until smooth. We reserve.
  2. We sauté the diced tofu in our infividual frying pan until it is golden brown and set aside.
  3. Arrange the apples on top of the watercress and spinach on a salad plate, scatter the walnuts and add the tofu.
  4. Drizzle with the cottage cheese vinaigrette and enjoy a light and delicious meal!

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