Tuna pie

Empanada de atún

The tuna empanada is the recipe that was not missing in the backpack of the pilgrims on the road
from Santiago.
It is a delicious recipe that allows multiple fillings, although the recipe we propose
It has the most traditional of the typical tuna empanada.
The dough for this recipe is very simple, you just have to mix the ingredients and it is ready.
without any type of yeast.
To bake the empanada we have used the Solid + griddle, as it is non-stick it does not need
baking paper or grease.

For 4-6 people
Time: 80 minutes

For the mass:
500 g of all-purpose flour, loose or pastry flour, strong flour does not work
150 g sunflower oil
150 gr of milk
1 little salt
1 egg
2 large onions
2 garlic
6 heaped tablespoons of fried tomato
5 piquillo peppers
1 cp. of Pimentón de la Vera
500 g of canned tuna or tuna, drained
Salt and pepper
2 boiled eggs
1 egg to paint the dough.

Put the flour, salt, oil, milk and lightly beaten egg in a large bowl.
Mix all the ingredients by hand until it forms a ball. Leave the dough in it
bowl covered with a cloth for 15 minutes.
Put the tuna in a colander so that all the oil drains while you prepare the sauce.
Pour a good splash of olive oil into the 24 cm Solid + low saucepan and fry the
onion with a little salt for 10 minutes over medium heat.
Finely chop the garlic and cut the piquillo peppers into small cubes.
Add the chopped garlic and piquillo peppers to the sauce and let them fry for
5 minutes.
Add the fried tomato and let everything fry for 20 minutes. We can also add to the
I sauté a small spoonful of sugar to counteract the acidity of the tomato sauce.
While peeling and chopping the boiled eggs
Remove the sauce from the heat and let it cool a little. Add the tuna or bonito with your fingers,
It does not need to be very crumbled, and the boiled egg chopped.
Mix everything carefully. If the sauce has too much oil, you can let it drain for a few
minutes in a strainer, otherwise it can be used to fill the empanada.
Divide the dough into two pieces. Form a rectangle the size of the iron, it should be
a thin sheet to make it crispier and place on top of the grill.
If there is a little left over on the sides, you can cut it out and save the pieces to decorate the
Spread the filling evenly on top. Stretch the other piece of dough and form another
equally thin rectangle. Place the dough on top and stretch to fit with the base
trimming the edges if necessary. Pinch the bottom dough forming like a repulgue
until the entire empanada is closed.
With the cuttings, form braids or strips to decorate the empanada.
Paint the area where we will put the strips or braids with beaten egg so that they look better.
sealed. Paint the entire empanada with the remaining egg.
Preheat the oven to 200ºC, heat up and down with a fan.
Make a hole in the center so that the empanada can breathe and place a circle of dough
leftover to finish the decoration.
Prick the entire surface with a fork and put the empanada in the oven.
Bake for about 25 minutes or until golden brown. Half baked if very
cover with aluminum foil
Cut into pieces with a serrated knife.

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