How to make escalivada in a pan

Cómo hacer escalivada en sartén


The name escalivada comes from the verb "escalivar" which means in Catalan to roast over embers. This is what this dish consists of: roasting peppers, eggplants... it can be eaten alone or as an accompaniment to meat, fish, poultry, rice and pasta. Served warm at room temperature.

Many people prepare it directly in the oven, although with a good pan and a lid, they will be delicious, maintaining all the flavor of the garden with its many properties. Here we leave you with this recipe to which you can remove or add any of the ingredients that we suggest:

Ingredients for 4 people


In our non-stick frying pan we will put the peppers, eggplants and onions with a small splash of extra virgin olive oil.

We will put the pan over very high heat and cover it with the lid, turning the vegetables from time to time. If the skin of the pepper burns a little, nothing happens, the peppers will take on a delicious smoky flavor and we will remove the skin at the end.

Personally, we prefer the iron grill, because the skin of the peppers and eggplants, which is thick and hard, burns on the surface, but the meat of the pepper is neither burned nor singed, but is scented with a very pleasant smoky smell.

Once they are softened (about 25 minutes), we will wait for it to cool and we will peel them, also removing the seeds.

Once all the vegetables are peeled and the seeds have been removed from the peppers, we cut them into strips lengthwise and place them on a serving platter.

Add the chopped garlic cloves and season with salt. Finally, we add a good splash of extra virgin olive oil and serve.


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