Chocolate and coffee Bundt Cake, Peppermint Smell recipe

receta de Olor a Hierbabuena
Today we bring you this chocolate and coffee bundt cake from Alicia Poyatos' blog, Olor a Hierbabuena; where you prepare coffee in our aluminum Monix Vitro Rock coffee maker in black stone effect.
"There are flavor mixes that are simply delicious, like orange and chocolate.
We know that, with it, we do not fail. But it is also true that with others, one and the other are accentuated. That happens when we combine chocolate and coffee , the result is unbeatable.
It is essential to use freshly brewed coffee , with a good aroma , one of those coffees that come out good.
For this, nothing like a "usual" coffee maker , the kind that we put on the heat and at the same time the coffee comes out, the aroma is unmistakable.
If in addition, the coffee maker has a super modern aesthetic , it is impossible to resist this one from the new Monix collection, ideal for dressing up today's bundt cake .
Looking forward to showing you my new pans from the SOLID+ collection by Monix, from which you will already see results."
You can see the recipe and ingredients on their blog here.

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