Rice with chicken and rabbit, "de yummy" recipe

receta de "de rechupete"

"When I prepare this type of rice, as if it were paella, at home, I always win. When I can prepare this rice in the town it comes out very similar to Valencian paella , there I have paella, fire, even firewood to make it the old-fashioned way. You can see the result of some of my rice dishes that are successful in Galicia, arroz a banda or rice with lobster , there is usually not even a grain of rice left over. In my apartment this issue is more complicated, so here is what I usually do This type of rice is in a flat casserole that gives me very good results. If you are Valencian, do not judge the recipe, I will make the authentic paella with my friend Llinares (with advice from more professionals) when I go to those places, while for those "If you want to make delicious rice, this is a recipe that is worth it."

Here you have the complete recipe


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