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The benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker allow you to reduce time by up to 70% and save energy considerably. In these times when our gas and electricity bills do not stop rising, pressure cooker cooking becomes a solution that allows us to save up to 50% energy.

The days when we associated pressure cookers with dangerous, old-fashioned and “grandma's kitchenkitchen utensils are over . Today they incorporate numerous security systems, materials such as 18/10 stainless steel (AISI 304 austenitic steel, which represents the highest quality steel), incredibly easy-to-use use and opening systems, as well as accessories that allow us to control cooking times while we do other things.


Great chefs, both in our country and internationally, who defend both traditional and avant-garde cuisine , use pressure cookers daily for reasons as important as saving time and preserving the vitamins and physical integrity of the food. food.

Boiling – the cooking process that eliminates the most vitamins – foods without pressure can reduce both their flavor and nutrients, so pressure cooking shortens this process as much as possible so that the loss is minimal.


Pressure cookers work by accumulating steam inside thanks to the sealing with a pressure lid. This sealing causes the temperature inside to increase to a greater extent than if we cooked without a lid and, therefore, cooking times are shortened, thus saving time and energy.


Garden's beef

In many Asian and South American countries with hot climates, contrary to what we might think, pressure cookers have been used for many years because it shortens the long cooking processes that generate heat in the kitchens. Therefore, if we thought that pressure cooking was ideal only for traditional winter recipes, we were wrong; It is also the perfect tool to keep our kitchens cool in summer without limiting ourselves to just simple cooking and salads during the hot months.


At MONIX, as great cooking lovers that we are, one of the points we defend is the quality of pressure cooker cooking. The hoax that pressure cooking is tasteless and changes the texture of recipes is not true. If this were the case, do you think that chefs of the stature of the Torres Brothers, Javier and Sergio would continue using pressure cookers if the results were not the same, or even better?


Another myth in the use of pressure cookers is that their use is limited to recipes for meat stews, broths and legumes. However, the possibilities of pressure cooking are endless. You can sauté, roast, steam, cook in a bain- marie and bake!

On our blog you can find recipes adapted for pressure cooker cooking with surprising results, both in terms of flavor and time savings.

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