Beef tail in red wine

Rabo de ternera al vino tinto

Veal tail in red wine is a very simple stew to prepare, it is a dish with the typical vegetables for stew but it allows all kinds of variations, whether you add a tomato or remove the pepper, the dish will be just as delicious and cooked In the pressure cooker it is very melty and tender. We can find very popular recipes with oxtail, but most of the time it is beef or yearling.

It is a very tasty dish, it can be eaten without any garnish but its sauce is so delicious that if you add mashed potatoes or some sautéed potatoes the recipe will win many points.

Ingredients: 4 people
  • 1kg beef tail cut into pieces
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 small red pepper
  • 4 peeled garlic
  • 1 ounce dark chocolate
  • 400 ml red wine
  • 100 ml port wine
  • 400 ml beef broth
  • Flour to coat meat
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Oil
  • 200g mushrooms (chanterelles, button mushrooms, etc.)
Ingredients for the potatoes:
  • 4 potatoes cut into medium cubes
  • 2 minced garlic
  • Chopped parsley
  • Salt
  • 5 tablespoons of oil
  1. Season the pieces of veal tail with salt and pepper and flour them well.
  2. Put enough oil to fry in the Selecta super-fast pressure cooker , when it is hot brown the pieces of meat on both sides.
  3. While cutting all the vegetables into medium pieces, peel and slice the garlic.
  4. Remove the meat from the pot and set aside on a plate. In the same oil, add all the vegetables and sauté well for 7-8 minutes over medium heat. Then add the meat again and stir, also add the bay leaf, a little salt, the dark chocolate, the port wine, the black wine and the broth.
  5. Move the pot so that all the ingredients are well integrated and put the lid on and close. Select meat mode and increase the heat, when the lid valve lowers, the pot will automatically lock, lower the heat and let it cook for 50 minutes.
  6. When the time is up, remove from the heat and let the pressure out of the pot little by little by turning the knob to steam outlet. When the valve on the lid rises again, we can open the pressure cooker.
  7. Remove the meat from the pot and reserve on a plate. Pass the sauce and vegetables through a Chinese strainer or a food mill. Put the sauce back into the pressure cooker and leave it over medium heat for about 10 minutes to degrease as much as we can with the help of a saucepan and to reduce it.
  8. Add the meat again and add the clean mushrooms, let the whole thing cook uncovered for 5 more minutes and it will be ready.
  9. To sauté the potatoes, put oil in the 24 cm Xtrem frying pan when it is hot, add the potato cubes and sauté until the potatoes are golden on the outside and tender on the inside, about 10-15 minutes; At the last moment add the garlic and chopped parsley and mix well, adjust the salt.
  10. Serve the veal tail with a little sauce and mushrooms and accompany the sautéed potatoes.
Veal-tail-in-red-wine-(3).jpg-photoshop2 Photographs and recipe by Silvia .

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