Apple pudding, recipe for "de Rechupete"

receta de "de Rechupete"

Surely it happens to you like me, and the fact of wasting food or having to throw it away because it has spoiled hurts your soul. That is why I am a fan of all recipes that involve the use of other dishes or foods that, otherwise, we would surely no longer eat. That's why today's recipe is one of those that we periodically make at home. Either because we have a two-day-old bread left that no one is going to eat, or some cookies that we don't know how we missed, or as in the case of today's dessert, some sobaos that have been with us for more than necessary. , we take the opportunity to prepare today's recipe, apple pudding.

A bread pudding is a kind of egg custard enriched with bread, cookies, a sponge cake, muffins or sobaos to which we give a fresh touch by adding fruit, whether apple, as in this case, or any other fruit. By caramelizing the apples with butter we provide an unmistakable and fantastic flavor to the dessert and if the muffins or cake are also buttery, the result is one to start and not stop until it is finished.

If you want to see the full recipe you can visit the "de Rechupete" blog here.

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