Baked deluxe potatoes

Patatas de luxe al horno

Potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to any dish, in addition to being one of the Favorite snacks for young and old.

These de luxe potatoes, as their name suggests, are a true luxury because they are delicious, and if you accompany them with your favorite sauces they become a vice that you will hardly be able to resist.


500g potatoes

100ml oil extra virgin olive


Black pepper ground

1 teaspoon of sweet or hot paprika

fresh rosemary

1 clove garlic


  1. Wash the potatoes, removing any dirt with the help of a brush. Cut into wedges.
  2. In a mortar, crush the garlic along with a little oil. Put in a bowl and mix with the paprika, salt, pepper, chopped fresh rosemary and the rest of the oil. With a spoon mix well.
  3. Preheat the oven to 200º.
  4. Put the potatoes on the Solid+ griddle, pour the oil mixture and stir well so that it is evenly coated.
  5. Bake until golden brown.
  6. Serve accompanied by our favorite sauce.

Photographs and recipe by Raquel .

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