Dogfish in marinade, recipe for "Yerbabuena in the kitchen"

receta de "Yerbabuena en la cocina"

"(...) because they are part of our gastronomic tradition , which is why lately I have been opting for this type of recipes, simple both for their ingredients present in practically all kitchens, and for their easy preparations and well-known ones such as case of this marinated dogfish or bienmesabe .

Marinated fish is typical of the province of Cádiz , but widespread, known and consumed throughout Andalusia , for me it is linked to summer and my holidays in Huelva, that is why every time I try it this season and the days come to mind. beach where fried fish could not be missed.
Its preparation is very simple, it mainly consists of a mash of garlic, cumin, paprika and oregano to which we add sherry vinegar, in which we let the fish marinate for a few hours and then fry in plenty of olive oil."

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